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We understand starting orthodontic treatment is exciting but can also sometimes be a little overwhelming. You might not be sure whether orthodontics is right for you, or what treatment would suit you best.

We are always here to help - you can book a Complimentary virtual assessment or come and visit us at our Redwood Shores, CA office.

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What kind of treatment do I

need and what benefits will I see?

The best results come to patients who understand the whole process and that’s why we have invested in a comprehensive, computerized patient education program. Understanding what’s involved will help you make an informed decision after some initial guidance from our expert orthodontist, Dr. Wu. But why should you visit an orthodontist, and how are they different to dentists?


Orthodontist vs dentist, explained

What kind of treatment do I

What can I expect from life

with braces made possible by Redwood Shores Orthodontics?

Many of our patients are surprised by how easy it is to wear the braces we recommend at Redwood Shores Orthodontics. Treatment options include Invisalign® or ClearSmyles plastic aligners, new generation Pitts 21 (self-ligating braces) and the completely invisible Brius braces solution. Redwood Shores Orthodontics is confident we can find the most effective and advanced braces to get you the most beautiful smile, faster than you’d think.

All of our orthodontic solutions allow you to easily maintain your oral hygiene, are comfortable to wear and are powered by the most state of the art technology. Our focus on innovation means that you’re closer than you could imagine to empowering your smile.

Life with braces

What can I expect from life

What if there is a problem,

what about emergency orthodontic care?

Though true emergency care is rarely necessary, Redwood Shores Orthodontics are committed to ensuring you’re never left worrying about what to do in an emergency. Follow our procedures as covered in our emergency care website page.

Emergency care info

What if there is a problem,

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