Empower their smile and restore their confidence with orthodontic treatments for children

When you’re looking for the right treatment options for your child or teenager, we know you only want the best for them. We understand and empathize with the worries you have. Parents can trust Redwood Shores Orthodontics with the health and esthetics of their children’s teeth for the future.

A healthy attitude to oral health

starts in childhood

Of course, it’s not just the look of your child’s teeth that you’re worried about. Healthy tooth alignment is key to long-term oral health. Teeth that are difficult to clean, because of overcrowding or poor alignment (malocclusion) can lead to cavities and painful dental procedures to remedy those issues.

A healthy attitude to oral health

What problems can Redwood Shores Orthodontics fix?

When should the work start?

Whatever your goals for your child or teenager’s smile, we can work with you towards a healthy mouth, increased confidence and a stunning smile.

Redwood Shores Orthodontics advocates treatment programs for children that avoid unnecessary tooth extraction. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that treatment is started at around age seven, when children already have a mix of both adult and baby teeth. Starting treatment young can ensure best results, correcting and guiding the growth of your child’s jaw and reducing the need for any kind of surgery. It will also help regulate the width of the upper and lower arches, improve speech problems and create more space for crowded teeth.

Redwood Shores Orthodontics have had a lot of success in treating children and teenagers with the new generation of Pitts 21 braces. These braces are a comfortable and fast solution, using minimal force to correct tooth alignment.

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What problems can Redwood Shores Orthodontics fix?

What signs indicate my child

needs orthodontic treatment?

Sometimes parents are unsure whether their child really needs treatment. Does your child experience difficulties in eating? Did they lose their baby teeth too early or too late? If your child breathes through their mouth or sucks their thumb/fingers, these are signs that they would benefit from treatment.

Other, more obvious signs that they could benefit from treatment include:

  • Noisy jaws that can “pop” when opening or closing the mouth
  • Obvious crowding and/misalignment of teeth
  • Jaws and teeth that do not align properly or do not close into a bite at all
  • Jaws and/or teeth that are not in proportion to their face

Book a in-person consultation for expert guidance on which of our most advanced solutions fit your child's needs. You can even ask your dentist to make a referral to Redwood Shores Orthodontics if you need their assistance.

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What signs indicate my child

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