Next generation, self-ligating Pitts 21 Braces for a Hollywood smile

Created to answer a lot of the issues with traditional metal braces, the Pitts 21 braces system is low-friction and low-force for exceptional comfort and fast results. This new generation of braces give quality results in a short space of time with far greater comfort.

Self-ligating braces don’t need those old-fashioned, coloured elastic bands that most people associate with wearing braces. They have specially engineered, spring loaded clips that exert low amounts of pressure on the teeth to bring them into alignment. This slowly tightens over time, using the sliding mechanism built into the clips.

Why choose

Pitts 21 Braces?

Gentle but precise, Pitts 21 braces by Redwood Shores Orthodontics give you the Hollywood smile you have been dreaming of, far faster than you might imagine. Due to their efficient design, you won’t need lengthy, inconvenient visits to the practice for tightening. The self-ligating design does all the hard work, ensuring healthy tooth movement and complete control of your winning smile.

After an initial period of getting used to the braces, patients find them incredibly comfortable. Unlike other styles of metal braces, the self-ligating clips and the wire are soft against the inside of your lips. Pitts 21 braces have been engineered to protrude less than other styles, which also greatly reduces potential sources of irritation.

Why choose

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Pitts 21 Braces

Redwood Shores Orthodontics provide Pitts 21 braces because they are the most advanced, self-ligating braces available on the market today. Their advanced design makes them comfortable to wear, easy to care for and more convenient for our patients. Engineered to tighten by themselves, they give quality results quickly.

Benefits of

Smile Arc Protection -

why are the braces placed so high?

SAP-VID-Smile-Comparison Redwood Shores Orthodontics Redwood Shores CA Smile Arc Protection (SAP) / Vertical Incisor Display (VID) brackets are placed more gingival (closer to gums) than traditional brackets, resulting in a beautiful curved smile line and increased tooth display.

Smile Arc is when the edges of your top teeth follow the curve of your lower lip. The ideal Smile Arc has full teeth display with curvature parallel to the curvature of the lower lip, as shown in the diagram to the right. A straight, flat smile is less pleasing than a curved smile. A reverse curve where the front teeth appear to be shorter than the canines gives a look of ageing and wear, and can be quite unattractive.

Smile Arc Protection -

The results of

Smile Arc Protection

  • Improved facial esthetics
  • Creates a youthful Hollywood smile
  • Beautiful broad smile follows curvature of lower lip
  • Reduces flaring of front teeth
  • Reduces dark corridors in corners of mouth
  • Improves performance of the appliance
The results of

Why patients of Redwood Shores Orthodontics

choose Pitts 21 braces

Correcting teeth isn’t just about keeping them healthy and making them easy to clean, it’s about the way they look and how they make you feel. Our patients trust Pitts 21 braces to give them the alignment they need for optimal tooth health but also appreciate the esthetic results they see. Patients here at Redwood Shores Orthodontics tell us the Smile Arc Protection provided by the Pitts 21 braces system has brought them increased confidence. The improved facial esthetics provided by Pitts 21 braces gives a youthful smile and makes our patients want to smile for the camera.

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Why patients of Redwood Shores Orthodontics

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