Understanding the key differences between dental work and orthodontics

Whilst all orthodontists are dentists, not all dentists are orthodontists. Orthodontists are a specialty of dentists, working on your bite and the alignment of your teeth.

Becoming an orthodontist requires further training after the initial dentistry education, as well as a deep understanding of the workings of the jaw, soft tissues and skeletal malformations.

Dentists are primarily involved in treating and preventing gum disease and tooth decay. They provide dental solutions like root canals, veneers, crowns and bridges.

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Whilst all of our patients have different dental issues and goals, they all have one thing in common: they want a beautiful smile and healthy teeth for a lifetime. Dr. Wu’s patients often tell us that the increase in self-esteem has improved their life more than they had ever imagined, helping them shrug off insecurities.

Orthodontic treatments won’t just improve your appearance. Correcting alignment issues also means your teeth will be easier to keep clean, improving your long-term oral health. Having perfectly straight teeth also means improved force distribution and a more even wear pattern on your teeth, reducing the need for further dental treatment.

Orthodontic treatments can be started at any age and you’re never too old to improve your smile and improve your oral health.

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Nothing is more important to a parent than their child’s health, that’s why the American Association of Orthodontics recommend that children with dental issues should visit us by age 7. However, If your dentist or physician notices issues before then, they may recommend an earlier visit.

Redwood Shores Orthodontics has a special understanding of orthodontic treatment for children and we have a lot of experience in working with Special Needs children, too. You can be confident that Dr. Wu and the Redwood Shores Orthodontics team will take great care of your child’s needs and only use the most gentle, effective and precise techniques.

Early dental treatment for children can reduce the need for tooth extractions or surgery. Here at Redwood Shores Orthodontics, we are always keen to avoid extractions where we can and focus on correcting overbites, crossbites and underbites with careful and meticulous, digital diagnostics.

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