Whether you’re a patient at Redwood Shores Orthodontics or not, you’ve probably heard of clear aligner therapy as an option for orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners allow patients to straighten their teeth with the same results as traditional braces without anyone noticing. While the technological development of clear aligners to straighten teeth has made great strides in changing the orthodontic industry, one company has taken it a step further.

In the Q4 issue of The Progressive Orthodontist magazine, Dr. Eric Wu explains his experience with the uDesign digital treatment planning software created by uLab Systems. “The orthodontic space is rapidly changing and with a practice based in the heart of Silicon Valley, I’m fortunate to have a front row seat to the latest innovations and technology,” says Dr. Wu. “uLab is an FDA-cleared treatment planning software designed to empower orthodontists to plan clear aligner cases right in their office in as little as 10 mins.”

uDesign allows orthodontists, like Dr. Wu, the freedom to control all aspects of clear aligner therapy like never before. From treatment planning to contouring and branding, uLab’s innovative technology makes in-house printing easy with six simple steps: uScan, uDesign, uPrint, uForm, uContour, and uBrand.

Patients can now complete a consultation and begin clear aligner therapy with custom aligners in the same day. Not only does this save time for our patients, but it has also cut lab expenses for the practice by as much as 60%.

To find out more about Dr. Wu’s experience with the uDesign treatment planning system, click here to read the article.