ClearSmyles Aligners

Today’s patients are asking for clear aligners but due to costly lab fees, many are forced to decline treatment or go online to settle for unsupervised DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Aligners.

Thanks to the full force and backing of Silicon Valley technology, we now offer patients state-of-the-art, BPA-free, customized aligners and retainers – without the costly lab fees traditionally associated with Invisible Aligner brands! How does it work? Powered by uLab systems software and technology, Clearsmyles combines the best of doctor’s clinical experience with advanced Artificial Intelligence!

How it Works

Faster, More Efficient Aligner Therapy!

Our state of the art digital treatment planning software is a disruptive game changer and is developed by the same chief software engineer who created the today’s top invisible aligner brand.

Experience the power of the most advanced clear aligner technology on the market today. No third-party production companies, long wait times or excessively priced lab fees. Dr. Wu can now create custom treatment plans with full control that offer the convenience of same-day aligners and the best possible outcomes!

Schedule a complimentary zoom consultation today with Dr. Wu to learn how ClearSmyles can straighten your teeth.